Our dog training classes use modern, science-based training methods to teach you to train your dog. Our classes are small, fun and fast paced filled with games and real life practice! We offer you and your dog a unique way to work with distractions so you'll be ready for the real world. Please check our vaccination and refund policies in the boxes below for attending classes. Feel free to observe any of our classes before signing up.

​Levels Program
Levels training classes offers the most flexible way to get as much or as little training as you need based on your expectations. How far you progress is up to you. Training treat bag and clicker included.

  • 6 session, 10 session and 20 session packages available. 
  • Take up to 6 months to use all your sessions.
  • Little to no wait for the next class to start – just move up to the next level once your dog has met the criteria.
  • Pick your preferred location and move up to each level as you master each required skill. 
  • Practice at home with regular class attendance is recommended. Consistency is key.
  • Moving to the next level requires no food lures and clear understanding of the cues. 

​Everyone starts at Level 1: Skills covered are attention, name recognition, target training, and recall. 

Level 2: Skills covered are recall with distractions, loose leash walking, mat training (release cue), get it, drop it, leave it, and appropriate greetings with dogs/people. 

Level 3: Skills covered are staying on mat with distance, loose leash walking past distractions (other dogs, people) as well as turns and stops, off leash recall with distractions, field trips to pet stores, parks or stores. Dogs who complete this level should be able to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test.

Schedule:    Saturdays, Lucky Dog Daycare, LEVEL 1: 10:00am, LEVEL 2, 11:00am
                        Tuesdays, Bigger Rd Vet Springboro, LEVEL 1: 7:00pm, LEVEL 2, 8:00pm
                        Thursdays, Sit, Stay and Play Daycare, LEVEL 1: 6:00pm, LEVEL 2, 7:00pm
                        Saturdays, Bigger Rd Vet Springboro, LEVEL 3: 10:00am

Fees:    6 sessions, $150, expect to master level 1 and possibly some of level 2.
               10 sessions, $230, expect to master level 1 and level 2, possibly some of level 3.
                20 sessions, $440, expect to master all the levels. You are committed to success!

Group Training Classes
Dayton, Ohio
Vaccination Policy

Puppies (8 weeks to 24 weeks old): 
Puppies may start Puppy Preschool classes 7 days after having their first DHpp vaccine administered by a Veterinarian and a bordetella vaccine; A DHpp booster is required every three weeks. Rabies vaccine by age 6 months or when deemed appropriate by your veterinarian. Puppies should be healthy and alert, free from diarrhea, vomiting, eye or nasal discharge or cough.

Dogs over 6 months:
DHLpp booster within the last year; current on Rabies vaccinations and must have had a Bordetella vaccine within the last year.

Refund & Cancelation Policy

Class fees are due prior to the start of the first class and are non-refundable. There will be no make-up time for missed classes unless specified in the class description. Registration is not complete until payment is received in full. There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks due to insufficient funds. If you wish to cancel class prior to its start date, we require 72 hours’ notice or you will be charged for the entire session of classes. 
Puppy Preschool* - Puppies 8-14 weeks. This is a four week rotating class that focuses on socializing your puppy. Each week your puppy will gain confidence meeting new people and dogs. House training, biting/mouthing, handling and appropriate play will all be discussed. Lots of appropriate play time and exposure to new experiences will help socialize your pup. Registration requires four consecutive weeks of attendance. $85
Every Saturday: 10:45-11:30 am, Location: Lucky Dog Daycare (no class 4/20)
Every Saturday: 10-10:45am, Location: Bigger Rd Vet in Springboro (no class 3/23, 3/30)
*This class is rotating which means you can start any Saturday as long as there is space available and you have met vaccination requirements (see below).
If your dog is over 12 months but still needs to learn polite manners or if you have just adopted an older rescue dog, In-home Training is a good choice.
Puppy Kindergarten - Puppies 12 - 28 weeks may attend this 6 week class. Foundation skills of sit, down, stay and come are taught as well as real life behaviors such as greeting strangers, handling and grooming, and reaction to distractions. Loose leash walking, get it, drop it, leave it, and targeting are taught as well. The best start to teaching your pup manners and self control! Course handouts, professional treat bag and clicker are included. 6 weeks, $135 
April 6 - May 18 Saturday, 11 am Bigger Rd Vet Springboro

Teen Class - Puppies 7 months to 2 years. Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten or a similar basic obedience class. Adolescence can be a challenging time in your dog's life. Your sweet, pleasing puppy that used to follow you all over the yard has now taken to ignoring your requests, refusing to come to you, and even becoming fearful of things or people. This class will focus on making this stage in your dog's development a fun one. Foundation skills of sit, down, stay and come are reviewed as well as real life behaviors such as greeting strangers, loose leash walking and self control around distractions. Course handouts, stationing mat and clicker are included. 
6 weeks, $135 April 6- May 18, 12:15pm Bigger Rd Vet Springboro

Canine Good Citizen Class & Testing - This course focuses on building the skills learned in the basic class as well as incorporating the requirements for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. The CGC program is designed to encourage responsible dog ownership and to certify dogs that have the training and disposition to be reliable well-behaved members of their families and communities. The CGC program welcomes both purebred and mixed-breed dogs. A few of the test items include Sitting Politely for Petting, Staying in Place, Reaction to Distractions and Supervised Separation. The last week we will administer the CGC Test. 6 weeks, $135
April 6- May 18, 12:15pm Bigger Rd Vet Springboro