In Home Training
We teach you to communicate with your pup in the privacy of your own home. Custom training plans for each individual client. Perfect for the busy lifestyle or if your dog cannot tolerate the class environment. We offer flexible scheduling to maximize your success. Your training plan might include:

  • House Training
  • Polite Door Manners
  • Stationing to a mat during dinner
  • Counter Surfing
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Reliable off leash recall
  • ​Basic cues such as Sit, Down, Get It, Drop It, Leave It

Initial Consultation: 1.5 hours $90. Follow up sessions: 1 hour $80* 
Multiple Dogs: Initial Consultation: 1.5 hours $110. Follow up sessions: $100

*If you have taken one of our classes before, you may be eligible for a discount on In Home Training. Please call for pricing.

Day Training
Let us do all the training for you while you are at work or school. We will come to your home and train your pup 4 sessions during the week and follow up with you for the 5th session. The most efficient way to get the training you need for your pup. This is the fastest way to get results because our skilled trainers jump start the behaviors you wish to work on so you don't have to "teach" the skill. We do it for you. One week and two week packages available as well as maintenance visits.  Consistency is key to Day Training so please call for pricing and availability. 

One week Day Training, 5 one hour visits,  $350
​Two wees Day Training, 10 one hour visits, $700
5 days Maintenance Training*, $325

*Can only be purchased after completion of One week Day Training
Dayton, Ohio
Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Twenty-four (24) hour notice must be provided by the owner prior to the cancellation of any scheduled lesson, unless we agree otherwise. Failure to provide twenty-four (24) hour notice will result in a cancellation charge of $30.00. We do not consider a lesson as canceled if the owner attempts to reschedule an appointment for the same day and we are able to accommodate this request. If we do not provide the owner twenty-four (24) hour notice prior to the cancellation of a scheduled lesson for any reason other than illness or an emergency, the owner will be provided an additional one hour private lesson at no charge. If we must reschedule a private lesson and are able to do so on a mutually agreed time and date, this is not considered a cancellation.

There are no refunds for any completed private lesson. There are no exceptions to this rule. If we wish to terminate the contract at any point during the training, we will provide the owner with written notice and will refund the balance of any unused private lessons.