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You may register for more than one class. For Puppy Preschool Class, pick only your start date. For Training Packages, choose your 6 week class and package options under In Home Training.  Your registration is not complete until your payment is received in full.
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I, owner of said dog involved in training at or with Pups Grow up, LLC, hereby release and hold Pups Grow up, LLC and any location Pups Grow Up, LLC may train at, harmless from any liability of whatsoever kind which may result from the training or behavior of said dog, or any negligence on the part of the pet owner; and I hereby indemnify Pups Grow Up, LLC and any location Pups Grow up, LLC may train at, from any damages, counsel fees or expenses which they may incur in defending against any such claim of liability. I further agree that Pups Grow up, LLC and any location Pups Grow up, LLC may train at will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from failure of the dog to respond to any cues or commands taught to the dog by Pups Grow up, LLC or resulting from counseling and advice supplied to owners of the dog. The dog's behavior now and in the future is solely the responsibility of the owners of the dog. Should any behavior on the dog's part now or in the future result in damage to the property, owners, or person of some third party, owner agrees to assume full responsibility to such third party for any and all such damage, and to absolve Pups Grow up, LLC and any location Pups Grow up, LLC may train at from any and all obligations to pay such damage to a third party. In the event of training provided at any location of Pups Grow up, LLC, owner agrees to absolve Pups Grow up, LLC from any and all liability whatsoever for loss or damage to property, or injury to dog, or owner, or handler while training and/or using equipment supplied by Pups Grow up, LLC and to hold harmless therefore. I agree that the risks of enrolling my dog or puppy in this class have been fully explained to me, and I have been advised to consult with my veterinarian regarding the health risks involved. 

Class fees are due prior to the start of the first class and are non-refundable. There will be no make-up time for missed classes unless specified in the class description. Registration is not complete until payment is received in full. There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks due to insufficient funds. If you wish to cancel class prior to its start date, we require 72 hours notice or you will be charged for the entire session of classes. 
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 (after purchasing In Home Training, we will call you to set up an appointment.)

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