Relationships depend on clear communication, respect, empathy, consideration, and kindness. Communication and training with any species is a two-way street that involves listening, observing, and then relaying information. Your pup is constantly learning everyday so you might as well help him learn the appropriate behaviors!  Ultimately, training your dog can help him become a participating member of your family. He will know what is expected and gain confidence in his environment. This will create a wonderful relationship of trust and understanding. I look forward to helping you on this journey with your precious pup.   - Leeann Holloway, CPDT-KA
Training is Communication

Dayton, Ohio
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   Mat training can help in multiple dog households to give space and structure to down time. Here, the resident golden is getting reinforced for staying on her mat while her new house mate is learning to go to his mat.  This is a foundation behavior we teach in our classes and our In Home training session. 
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