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Dog-friendly Training

Pups Grow Up dog training offers in-home and group dog training classes for puppies in Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Our certified professional dog trainers use modern, science-based training methods based on positive communication to teach you to train your dog. By understanding the science of how dogs learn, interpreting your dog’s body language, and using clear communication, we will teach you a positive and effective way to communicate with your dog.

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Dog Training is Communication


Relationships depend on clear communication, respect, empathy, consideration, and kindness. Communication and training with any species is a two-way street that involves listening, observing, and then relaying information.

Your pup is constantly learning every day, so you might as well help him learn the appropriate behaviors!  Ultimately, training your dog can help him become a participating member of your family. He will know what is expected and gain confidence in his environment. This will create a wonderful relationship of trust and understanding.

I look forward to helping you on this journey with your precious pup.

Leeann Holloway, Certified Professional Dog Trainer – KA
Owner, Pups Grow Up, llc


In-Home Training

Personalized, custom training plans in your home where your dog feels most comfortable.


Group Training Classes

Puppy Preschool and Levels Training Programs for teaching basic manners and advanced skills. 


Day Training

Custom training while you are at work/school. Accelerated learning by our certified trainers.  

Wow, what a great program! In just 3 sessions we were able to get our 1 year old chocolate lab doing great walking on his leash. The one-on-one training was spot on and just what he needed.


Pam Nasser


Just want to send you a huge thanks for helping to get Juno off to a good start. Your class was invaluable in helping her to build confidence, and it was fun for me to see her kindness and playfulness.

Juliet Tanner

Baxter likes all the instructors and I believe he has fun in class! It was ALWAYS encouraging and never punitive or rough. Baxter learned but still has lots of spirit!!! 

Chris Martin

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Field Trip Classes 

11:30am – 12:30pm Saturdays

Pups Grow Up Field Trips are for pups and owners who like to be out and about in the environment together working as a team. We will take hikes, go to stores, visit garden centers and parks. We will discuss safety in public, car etiquette, leash walking, impulse control and appropriate greetings and more. This is a drop in class so you may join us when you can. 6 classes for $150

It is recommended that your pup know foundation behaviors (attention, sit, leash skills, etc.) before taking Field Trips but it is not required. This class is for dogs who are comfortable around new dogs and people. 


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Teaching a pup to station or lie down on a mat is a foundation skill we teach in our levels training classes and during home visits. Charlie is 10 weeks old and learning to go to her bed on cue. Her sister is also getting rewarded for staying on her spot (which is the ottoman) during this training session. Working multiple dogs at the same time can be tricky at first but is essential for maintaining peace in the household. Especially with a new puppy!


Give us a call if you need help teaching your pup to station on a mat while you eat dinner, answer the door, or vacuum the carpet. The applications are endless!


Classes are held in Kettering at the Lucky Dog Daycare. 

We travel all over the Dayton area for In-Home consultations. 


Need additional assistance? Please contact us:

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