Our clients are enthusiastic supporters of our classes! We take great pride in the satisfaction of our students and their humans. Here are a few comments from recent grads:

I began class with a very nervous dog who continuously barked. By the end of the session, we were able to quietly participate in most excercises. It was a great success! 

--Cristina Hyde

We really appreciated Leeann taking the time to help with our Emmie's issues which were different than the other dogs. Her teaching was effective because even my husband enjoyed attending class, which was has not always been the case. 

-- Chris McLaughin 

Leeann did a great job! She was calm and helped us humans learn to handle our puppies. She gave me a lot of confidence in how to train and handle my lab puppy. The facility is a great place with lots of room to play. 

-- Kathy Cox 

Leeann was so patient! She did a great job helping the children work with their dogs in class. This was so much better than the dog club classes! We will definitely be back for more. I definitely like the small class size and I liked having 24 hour access to the class information on the Internet. 

-- Melody McCallister & Allison
Good location and great class size for individual attention. Jenn's enthusiasm made the class fun and informative. 
-- Janet Miller

Upon referral from a friend, my husband and I decided to try clicker training for our new puppy, Zuki. We have raised several dogs and had never gone the "clicker route" before; however; we were so impressed with the style, the ease of training, and the positive interaction with Zuki, that we are now "hooked". Having the pleasure of enrolling Zuki in the various courses during the last two years has only enhanced our bond with him! The trainers are wonderful, patient, and their joy in helping others is proven during each class! We cannot thank you enough for all your assistance, your positive guidance, and your wonderful outlook on training!! We are truly grateful, for Zuki would not be the wonderful Canine Good Citizen he is today without you! 

-- Deborah Coleman

Baxter likes all the instructors and I believe he has fun in class! It was ALWAYS encouraging and never punitive or rough. Baxter learned but still has lots of spirit!!! 

-- Chris Martin

Kimber just finished Puppy Preschool and loved it! Leeann was so very patient with the puppies and the parents. It was a relaxed experience. Kimber really enjoyed the socializing with the other puppies. She is a very knowledgeable trainer who clearly enjoys the puppies. I enjoyed these classes more than others because the focus was on training the puppy for happy family living. On to Puppy Kindergarten!
-Sharon, Larry & Kimber 
Charlie, Isabella, Noogent, Norman at Camp Bassett!

photo courtesy of Anne Lind
Dayton, Ohio
Charlie, Isabella, Noogent,  and Norman